Học bổng AMCHAM 2015

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Học bổng AMCHAM 2015

Học bổng AMCHAM 2015

The AmCham Scholarship program is part of AmCham’s efforts to improve the business environment in Vietnam in general, and the HCM City area in particular, by helping develop high quality human resources for member companies, as well as helping students develop essential professional working skills.

The AmCham Scholarship program was launched in HCM City in 2001, and since then has awarded scholarships to 628 students from 11 leading universities in Ho Chi Minh City. 2015 marks the 15th anniversary of the AmCham Scholarship Program and AmCham will continue to award 50 Scholarships and 30 “Honorable Mentions” to applicants selected by an extensive, three-month assessment process.

2015 AmCham Scholarship Sponsorship Package

The AmCham Scholars will be

– Recognized by nearly 500 AmCham companies
– Provided with credits for job application purposes after graduation and other related purposes (e.g. summer job, internship, further scholarship, etc.)
– Invited to some AmCham functions
– Entitled to join AmCham Scholars Alumni/ae Club
– Provided with financial support (VND 10,000,000/scholarship for winners and VND 4,000,000/scholarship for honourable mentions).

Who can apply

– Bachelor degree third year and above but not graduate students of Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City (VNU-HCM), Foreign Trade University in Ho Chi Minh City, Banking University of HCM City, Hoa Sen University, Ho Chi Minh City University of Law and Ho Chi Minh City University of Technical Education; (and fifth year and above but not graduate for School of Medicine – Vietnam National University) in official full-time scheme 2015 – 2016.
– Students are only eligible to apply one time only, so please consider carefully before submitting your application.
– With cumulative GPA of all previous years 7.0 or above (for scale of 10.0) or 3.0 or above (for scale of 4.0) (Click this link for an explanation).
– Active participation in school/social/community service activities.
– Able to communicate fluently in English.


From August 17 to October 03, every Monday at 5pm, all applicants please refer to this link for the list of Completed Applications.

In order to screen all applications thoroughly, we would like to set 2 deadlines for 2 groups of universities. Please kindly check carefully the deadlines for application.

Group 1(21:00 Sep 26, 2015)

* Banking University
* Foreign Trade University
* Hoa Sen University

Group 2: (21:00 Oct 3, 2015)

* Ho Chi Minh City University of Law
* Ho Chi Minh City University of Technical Education
* VNU HCMC – International University
* VNU HCMC – School of Medicine
* VNU HCMC – University of Economics and Laws
* VNU HCMC – University of Information Technology
* VNU HCMC – University of Science
* VNU HCMC – University of Social Sciences & Humanities
* VNU HCMC – University of Technology


Wed, 20 May Tech Information Session
Mon,17 Aug Application form opening
Sat, 05 Sep AmCham Scholarship Information Session
Sat, 26 Sep Countdown To Application Deadline of Group 1
Sat, 03 Oct Countdown To Application Deadline of Group 2
Sat, 17 Oct Results of Screening – Schedule for English Test
Sat, 24 Oct English Test
Sat, 31 Oct Results of English Test • Schedule for Ability Test (SHL Test)
Sat, 07 Nov Ability Test (SHL Test)
Sat, 14 Nov Results of Ability Test (SHL Test)
Mon, 16 Nov Schedule for Interviews
Sat, 28 Nov AmCham Scholarship Interview Day
Sat, 05 Dec AmCham Scholarship Award Ceremony and Results


Click here to see Online Application Guidelines.

Language used in application and all rounds is English.

We have arranged an Online Application to facilitate students applications. It should take about 45 minutes to complete. Kindly note, as you are working on the application, you can log out and return as many times as you wish. Your answers will be saved by the system. However, once you have submitted your application, you cannot revise it. If you notice any mistakes, please contact via the email address: scholarship@amchamvietnam.com.

IMPORTANT: If we find any evidence to show that any part of your application is incorrect or plagiarized, we have the right to decline your application and withdraw your award or candidate status within the AmCham Scholarship program. Therefore, be honest with your application.

Please note that applicants for the AmCham Scholarship 2015 may only submit one application, so please prepare carefully.


Logo ACS 1

AmCham Scholarship Team

If you have any queries, please refer to our FAQ pages (Frequently Asked Questions). Not yet satisfied? Then please contact us through our AmCham Scholarship email: scholarship@amchamvietnam.com

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